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Why the outlet?

January 18, 2007

Blogging to date has been a world that I have visited and passed through, but I have never sat down to stay for awhile. I have gathered, gleaned, and gained from my experiences in this place, but it has always been a place of imagination, thought, and vision for me.

It seems the time has come for me to sit down and take a closer look around this world, time to try to bring my imagination, thoughts, and vision into reality for myself. I am a great questioner, seeker, and dreamer, but sometimes that leaves me flailing, seeking a way to touch my feet down to earth and make things turn real. Lately my mind and life have been filled with questions, dreams, passions, and insights that I have lacked an outlet for. All of that has come together to a point where I have realized I need to express my thoughts and feelings, even if no one is listening. Whether anyone reads these or not I leave up to someone else, but right now I am just looking for a ways to put something tangible and real to my life.

I know I am not the only person who seeks, questions, dreams, believes, etc. If these ideas spur any thoughts, ideas, passions, or even reasonable controversy please feel free to share and comment. I welcome the interaction. We learn so much more through contact with each other. My door is open for you to learn along with me, as long as you don’t expect me to have any answers!

“Personally I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.” Sir Winston Churchill

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