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What does it mean to love?

January 18, 2007


Have you ever loved something or someone so deeply that you hurt because of it? I have been so overwhelmed this week with a love for God and a desire to be a part of what he is doing. It has been a wonderful but also painful place to be.

This is love. This is why we talk incessantly about our Savior, our best friend, the lover of our souls. We can’t help it. We’ll talk to anyone who will listen. Love does that to a person. I’ve never known anyone who loves me more than Jesus.” Rodney Reeves, A Genuine Faith

A few months ago God took me through a time of again redirecting some things in my life. I dropped out of graduate school to pursue giving my time, money, and energy to God instead. What a tremendous joy it has been to be able to give without hesitation to others. What freedom I have found from knowing all I have belongs to God so when a need has arisen and been made known to me it has been so easy to give lavishly. I love God and people so deeply. I am learning what it really means to lose my life for Christ’s sake, to put others first, and to be other centered instead of self-centered. I am learning what it means to not only love God, but also what it means to love others deeply. Painfully though, I am also learning that even in trying to give openly and freely there are times that doors won’t open and you won’t be able to give because others aren’t ready.

How can we love others? What can we give them, do for them, show them, share with them? How far are you willing to go? How much are you willing to give? Do you love your Savior so much that you talk incessantly about him? What is holding you back from loving others and taking risks? Can you love too much?

God loves us with all he is and all he has. Do we understand that love in such a deep way that it changes us? Are we willing to try to show that kind of love to someone else?

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