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When our lives are different…

January 19, 2007

Do you understand the daily life of someone whose life is different than yours?

I am single, but almost everyone I relate to on any regular basis is married, and almost all have kids (or kids on the way). Of the few that are single, many live with others so have a “home unit” even if it isn’t a family. My closest friends are mothers who home school their children or have preschool children, so their lives are filled with daily activities with their children. I am a working professional in a mid-level type of management position. Most of the women I know who do work are just trying to bring in some extra income or do something more with their day.  Our daily view of the world is different.

So, how do we make connections with others when our lives are so different? Sometimes I hear about others lives and with a level of envy wish I could have what they have. They get to go home and have dinner with someone. The last time I ate a meal with someone else was on Christmas day. They get to go home and talk about what happened today. I usually see others 1-2 nights a week and on Sundays. They have someone else in their life who could fix a meal, take the trash out, get something from the other room, answer the phone, feed the pet, etc. I don’t. They also have more noise, more mess, have to share the remote control, have to manage time and commitments with someone else, and have to put up with someone when they would rather be alone.

How can I learn more about their world and life? How can I learn to relate to the load they carry and where they find meaning? How can I help them learn more about the what I walk through, or how lonely and isolated I can feel? How can we share life together?

Take a look at those you see today. What is going on in their life that is different than yours? If all of us were made by God (whether we choose to recognize that or not), then he has made us the same in many ways. We tend to focus on our differences, but how can we celebrate our similarities and joyfully share the variety that our lives hold?

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