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January 20, 2007

I learned about the concept of Godstops from speaker/author Beth Moore. I don’t remember what her full intention of the idea was, but what it has become for me is the reminder to stop for a moment to recognize something God has been a part of. Stop to recognize it, and stop to give him praise. Sometimes the stop has to be purposeful so that I take time to recognize that God is working around me.

I had one of those this morning. In early December I had a growing desire to give and be more involved with others. As my church is new and small the opportunities are limited there because many of the needs occur at the same time (like Sunday mornings). I also don’t want that to be the only place I am involved with people. I want to share more with the community and meet people who have different views about life than I do. Since December I have been looking for some opportunities where I could be involved. That has been a frustrating experience with little success so far. I felt very discouraged earlier this week as my desire to share was so strong with no outlet.

This morning I realized with great excitement that God has been answering my request in an amazing way. For three weeks in a row I have been asked between Thursday evening and Saturday morning if I was available to help someone on Saturday. One of the things I appreciate about being single (one of the only things) is the fact that I have complete control of my schedule. Each week I was able to answer yes to this request and give freely of my time and energy to share with others.

What a blessing today was to me! It gave me a chance to see God work. To have quiet time to praise him in the middle of the day while holding a sleeping child. To take a walk with friends in the sunshine. To eat a meal with someone else. To laugh and smile. To work. To love. I am so thankful that those I shared today with had the courage to say they needed help. What a joy it is to share life together!

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