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Redemption – Are you ready to jump?

January 21, 2007

A couple months ago I watched as my 2 year old niece stood on the end of the couch and jumped across the gap to the love seat into her father’s arms. To her it was game that she did repeatedly. After a couple rounds her father stopped her before she jumped and asked her “Is it all about you?” She was quick to respond yes and jumped again. Again her father asked her the question. The same answer was given and she went flying into his arms for another round of the game.

We talked about redemption today at church. The image of my niece flooded my mind. How often is our relationship with God like her actions? God is waiting for us to jump into relationship with him. He has called us, pursued us, wooed us, romanced us, waited for us, and longed for us. He is ready to catch us and hold us safely in his arms. When we do jump he is always there. At the same time God stops us and asks why we are jumping. Are we in the relationship with him just for us? Is our life only about us or are we sharing it, really sharing it with others?

I can imagine a different ending to the image of niece. It is the prayer I have for her as she grows in her relationship with God. When he asks her, “Is it all about you?”, I hope she will learn to stop, listen, think, and answer No! I hope she will fall on her knees and recognize what he has done for her and how deeply he loves her. I hope she will ask him in return what it should be about, what he wants it to be about. I hope she will understand redemption with her entire being, and then jump with all she has into his loving arms.

I hope I too can have the relationship with God that I pray my niece will have. How would your life be different if you really understood God’s redemption and walked in it? I pray I can learn about that this week.

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