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Do I know how to pray?

January 23, 2007

I was praying for someone who is trying to adopt some siblings from Russia on Sunday and I found myself completely lost as to how to pray. No matter how I reworded things I seemed to be saying, “God, do it this way.” What right do I have to tell God how to handle the situtation? After all he is the creator!

I know I am supposed to pray, and God wants me to ask for things and tell him my heart, but I am wrestling with how to do that and what is okay to pray for. It is so easy to pray for what I want, or what I think should happen. I know I can leave it open and pray that his will is done, but that doesn’t seem quite right either. It seems funny to me that after being a Christian for over 20 years and being raised to pray my entire life that I am finally getting around to this question.

At least I do know the answer to why I pray! Now if I could only figure out how to pray without treating God like a vending machine.

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