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God can now get at us!

January 25, 2007

“The young people, under the leadership of the pastor, were studying the story of Jesus’ baptism from Mark 1. The pastor pointed out that when the story talks about heaven’s being opened as soon as Jesus emerged from the Jordan River, the Greek word there means “to rip or to tear”; it is the same word used at the end of Mark when Jesus dies on the cross and the curtain in the temple is said to rip from top to bottom. The heavens were ripped open, and God’s Spirit in the form of a dove, descended on Jesus. The pastor told the young people that what this shows is that the barriers between God and us have now been removed; we once again have gracious access to God. But one young man in the group saw it in a slightly different way. ‘That’s not what it means, pastor. What it means is that God can now get at us! God is on the loose, and now nobody’s safe!'” (Proclaim the Wonder by Scott E. Hoezee)

Are you living like you have access to God, or like God has access to you? Does this distinction make a difference to you? You living like you are safe from God?

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