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What were you made to do?

January 26, 2007

In the book The Dream Giver, Bruce Wilkinson tells a story about a conversation he had with his friend, a Hollywood producer, and a waitress one day about dreams. His friend couldn’t believe that every person had been created with a big dream and that most people for whatever reason just aren’t pursuing that dream. To prove that everyone has a big dream, Bruce engaged a waitress in a conversation about her dreams and whether she was pursuing her big dream. Through the conversation Bruce encouraged the waitress to see her dream, see options to pursue it, and determine how she could achieve her dream. Within a few minutes she not only named her dream but was able to determine steps she could take right away to pursue it.   Bruce asks “With whom do you identify in the story? The producer? He thought people with big dreams are few and far between. Or the waitress? She always knew she had a dream, but never felt it was possible.”  Do you believe in dreams? Do you know what you were created for? Where do you find meaning in your life? What can you do today to move closer to your big dream?

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  1. January 26, 2007 4:36 pm

    Did you determine which person in the story you were like? If not, do it now. I purposely didn’t want you to see my answer before you figured out your own.

    When I heard this story it really struck a chord with me. Not because I was like the producer and didn’t believe in dreams. Not because I was like the waitress and had a big dream to pursue. It was because what I wanted most was to be the person who helped everyone else see and achieve their dreams.

    What brings you the most joy? For me, it is seeing someone else achieve something the have desired after, worked for, dreamed of, and held a vision to accomplish.

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