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Only the physical?

January 27, 2007

I was thinking about the table of balance and integrity I shared about a couple days ago. It involves physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual legs. This week has been overwhelming for me in hearing about the physical needs of those around me. Many people have health issues, or time related demands. They are struggling through how to keep that portion of their life in balance. What about the mental, emotional, and spiritual needs though?

A friend shared a question she was wrestling with regarding her relationship with God on a blog last night. Her honesty about her emotional and spiritual state really struck me. I may know a lot about how those around me are doing physically, but do I know about the other elements of their life? Do I ever ask? Do I accept it when they share that side of things with me? What if their honesty includes that they are struggling with something I did, said, or didn’t do or say and should have? What if they honestly share that they are emotionally in need? Am I willing to receive, care, and embrace them? Do I walk beside them and support them when they are in need?

I have a very dear friend, my spirit sister, who challenges me with this every time we talk. She is deeply faithful in asking me point blank, how are you and what can I pray for? She stops a conversation when she feels she has been talking too much about herself and makes it clear that she doesn’t want to keep talking about her, but wants to hear about me. She doesn’t want the easy, surface level answers, but wants to hear my heart, my struggles, my fears, and my needs. She wants to know about my relationship with God, with others, and what I am doing to care for myself through all of it. She, more than anyone else in my life walks with me through my struggles and helps me to keep my table balanced. She helps me stay focused, optimistic, and honest. I love her for all of that.

Do you let others know how you are doing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? Do you know how they are doing?

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