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Hope for the Flowers

January 30, 2007
Cover Image I have been doing loads of reading for the last couple of years (80+ books a year). I decided today to put down all the stuff that seems to be making me think so much and just read something for fun. I considered Peanuts, Disney, Shel Silverstein or fairy tales, but what won out was Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus. This is an old book, one I was raised on. I think it was one of my dad’s favorite stories.

In spite of my hope to get away from anything that would make me think, this book still stirred up thoughts, but it did make me smile and laugh and feel courage to face something new. One line in the book really struck me. The book is about caterpillars finding their purpose and finding they were made to become butterflies. When one of the main characters meets a caterpillar who already knew his purpose she asks him how one becomes a butterfly. He answered, “You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”

Do I love anything enough to give up what I am or have to pursue it? Something else to think about!

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