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What we fill our lives with

January 30, 2007

Do you ever think about what you fill your life with? What are you reading, listening to and watching? Who are you spending time with? What is influencing you? How do you spend your time?

Everything that we choose to surround ourselves with has an influence on our behavior. It is important for us to consider our lifestyle carefully. Just as every bite of food we put into our bodies gives us energy, fat, health, bad cholesterol, or rich vitamins, the same thing it true about all we read, listen to, watch, or share with others. This is something I have found I need to monitor regularly, especially when I have more time on my hands because I get lazy about monitoring my choices. As I have been thinking so much lately I realize I need to be sure I am choosing things that balance it. When my mind goes into overdrive I need to get out and walk, work, or do something physical. When I get too serious I need to find reasons to smile, laugh, and find beauty in the things around me. Today is a gift to us. How are we spending it?

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