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What makes you happy?

February 6, 2007

If someone asked you today what makes you happy would you know how to answer them? Sometimes we don’t think about things like this, and yet an awareness of our self in this way can be a positive thing.

Last week was one of those times when I had to work to keep a good attitude. I was under stress at work, was frustrated at my own poor communication in several relationships, and was dealing with pain and limitations from an injury. Rather than letting things get me down I decided to be proactive and fight for joy and a positive attitude. I started thinking about various things that make me happy.

Just a few random answers:

  • listening to music that has energy, passion, and enthusiasm (I love show tunes and movie soundtracks)
  • watching animals and/or children at play
  • driving on an open road and playing in the wind with my hand
  • helping others
  • being silly

Those and other ideas weren’t all things I could do last week, but there were ideas I could put into action. I chose a positive attitude and did what was necessary to achieve it. Are you choosing your attitude, or are you letting life dictate or control it for you. We all have days where things don’t go as planned, or where it seems like a battle to make it through the day. Make a choice each morning regarding which attitude you will put on. Don’t wait for the day to determine your attitude, but choose it before you are even up and dressed for the day.  Did you already choose an attitude for today? If not, why wait any longer…..choose one now.

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