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Is your life different?

February 8, 2007

On Sunday my pastor made a comment that has left me pondering. He said, “If you want to be different, love your enemies. When others see us loving one another, offering grace to each other, and valuing others even through conflict we are a witness.”

It has caused me to stop and take a look at my life. How is my life different from that of my neighbor? Many Christians might name off things like not drinking, not swearing, not watching R rated movies, giving to charity, being involved in Bible studies or ministry activities, etc. Really though, a lot of people with good morals and caring hearts choose those same things. What is it that really makes my life different? Is my life different? If someone were to look closely at my life would they see something that sets it apart?

As I have pondered this I have come to believe that one of the key things that makes the life of a Christian different is our relationships. Yesterday was a day where that became real to me. I have recently experienced some strain and misunderstanding in two different relationships. Yesterday grace and healing occurred in both of those. What a tremendous gift it was to be in relationship with people who seek understanding, reconciliation, and who offer forgiveness rather than sharing hate, resentment, anger, or rejection. I also was blessed with another conversation where I found connection, acceptance, and friendship in an unexpected place.

I am now inspired to take a closer look at my life, to examine my relationships, actions, and heart. I desire to be a person that others can look at and know without a doubt that she is different. As the prayer by my bed reads, “I don’t want to live in the ordinary and the normal. I want to live in the place where I see the impossible happen. Put me on that cutting edge so that I can be used.” If I am not going to live in the ordinary and normal, then I can’t be ordinary and normal. My prayer is that I can become “different”!

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