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Covenant…the heart of wanting the best interest for all

February 12, 2007

We have been talking about covenant at my church. It is a concept I am wrestling with a great deal. The idea of covenant isn’t something I hear much about outside of the bible, marriage, or legal contracts. Since our country has made marriage to be an agreement with legal bindings the use of covenant in both marriage and law is a rather formal agreement with repercussions if the agreement is broken.

I think the use of covenant between God and man is different. Rather than being legally binding it is an agreement of the heart between two parties that deeply care for each other. It isn’t about rules and regulations, but about a deep love for the other party. It is an agreement that declares the depth of commitment to the other party, and defines that each are in the partnership for the good of both parties.

There are two main issues I am grappling with:
1) Is a covenant conditional? In the Old Testament the covenant seemed to be conditional. God declared that if we would follow him and be faithful he would protect us and bless us. History shows that humans have repeatedly broken that covenant. Did the concept of covenant change with Jesus? How do grace and unconditional love come into play with covenant?
2) If the idea of covenant is about having both parties blessed, how is it walked out between two imperfect people (or a church full of imperfect people)? Do I care enough about others in my church community to give them what is best for them? Am I able to say I am in a church community for others best interest and not for my own?

If I take these questions seriously I am forced to look at my own selfishness, brokenness, and lack of humility. I can’t say I am willing to participate in my church community every week with the best interest of others in mind. I want to say it, but I know myself and I know that declaring it would be a lie. It is what I want to work toward, but I am not there. Yesterday as the pastor taught about this I recognized how much I would have to die to my own wants, desires, and ideas to really put others first. I experienced the grief that can come from living with a heart that is trying to live and die at the same time.

Am I in covenant with God? Do I care enough about God to give him what is best for him? If so, what am I doing daily to live with the intention and put it into action?

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  1. Troy permalink
    February 13, 2007 9:11 am

    Hi Sherie – Just wanted you to know I’m checking out your Blog. I haven’t read it real closely yet, but I liked your post on bamboo – kind of a metaphor for my life these days, I think.

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