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Where are you seeing God?

February 15, 2007

I keep trying to see God every day because it is so easy for me to overlook his blessings. Sometimes it is easy for me, but at other times it is more difficult. I find it especially difficult if I am wrestling with something or feel unsettled as I have been for the past week. God is working though and has been blessing those around me and letting me observe it in amazing ways while also blessing me.

  • A family just returned from Russia where they adopted three siblings (1, 3, & 4 years old). This process took many months and had lots of obstacles so it is amazing to see the positive answer God gave to our prayers.
  • Yesterday Katie willingly gave her healthy kidney to another in need. The surgery went well and the kidney immediately started functioning. Again, this has been a couple years of prayers and it is amazing to see how God worked this situation out.
  • A friend was just hired as a Deputy DA in Los Angeles. He has searched for work and lived in three different towns before having this door opened for him.
  • Seeing a woman who almost lost her life in a tragic accident before Christmas regain her health and memory in spite of innumerable obstacles to overcome.
  • Seeing and hearing of others around me growing in their relationship with God or understanding of him. This is happening through personal bible study, challenging questions, discipleship relationships, and especially through God softening hearts and drawing people toward him.
  • Four families around me are pregnant, three for the first time. Two of those babies are due in the next few weeks.
  • I have also found surprise personal notes and gifts in my mailbox every day this week. God knew the encouragement I needed and met it in unexpected ways.

Are you seeing God work or are you overlooking something amazing that he is a part of?

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