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Sometimes we will fall…

February 20, 2007

We all have been created with special skills that we are good at, and with practice we can often even improve on those skills. I have a skill that I am not proud of, and it is one that I unfortunately continue to practice and reinforce. I am very good at doing stupid things to injure myself.  I have caused myself injury doing the most mundane things. Once I injured my hands three or four times within a year, culminating with breaking four fingers at the same time. Luckily the injuries are usually fairly mild, but explaining the circumstances around the injuries can often be a humbling experience.

As we learn to walk, talk, and grow to maturity with Christ we sometimes will fall on our faces or experience injury. Just like a child who is learning to grow and experience life on their own, there will be times where we will successfully achieve a goal, and other times where we will lie in middle of the room with our face in the carpet wondering if we should cry. Children learn to look at their parent’s for feedback to see if they are okay. We too should be learning to look to our heavenly Father for feedback, security, confidence, encouragement, and hope.

I am going through a time right now where I feel like a teenager who has realized that their rebelliousness has gotten them into some trouble. If I had taken the time to learn from my Father’s wisdom I wouldn’t be in this place, but I didn’t trust him and instead felt certain I could handle things on my own. My reaction is to want to hide, ignore things, cover it up, and avoid any negative consequences. My Father has waited up though and is sitting on the front porch waiting for me to come home. He isn’t angry. Instead he wants to offer a hug, a shoulder, and an ear. He wants me to know the safety of coming home. He wants me to come inside and to rest peacefully. Doing that is my choice though. I can continue to wonder if I am okay or if I need to cry, or I can look my Father in the face, know that I am forgiven, and feel the tenderness and grace of his embrace. I think it is time to go home!

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