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On Eagle’s Wings

March 5, 2007

One day the mother eagles begin to remove branches and soft pieces from the nest. She eventually makes the nest uninhabitable so the eaglets will not return there once they learn to fly. The mother eagle also does not feed the eaglets as regularly so their hunger is coupled with the cold and uncomfortable nest. The eaglets are being forced out of the comfort zone in order to show them what they were made for, to fly. During this time the mother eagle begins to circle over the nest daily to set an example, showing the eaglets what they will eventually do.

Eventually the eagle either prods the eaglet from behind until it falls from the nest, or grasps it tightly in her talons, flying to the heights before dropping the young one. The eaglet falls, tumbling and plummeting to the ground. The mother watches from high above, yet before the child hits bottom she closes her wings, swoops in and catches the child on her mighty wings. The perplexed and frightened young catch their breath and begin to feel safe again in the care of their mother as she soars through the air. They begin to understand what flying feels like. However the mother again flies to her peak altitude and rolls over dropping her young one off to plummet toward the ground. She repeats the process again and again until the young learn they can expand their wings. Still the baby is not really flying. Now the mother moves below and in front of the eaglet and allows the child to draft behind her. Slowly they learn to ride the wind currents and soar. As babies they do not realize they are meant to fly but they must learn what they are supposed to do and be. The mother eagle puts her eaglet to this test of risk and courage so that it will gain confidence in its own strength. They need to know that they were born to fly independently and to soar! Eagles do not fly like most other birds. They literally ride the wind.  Eagles love storms because the mighty wind currents that are involved take them higher than ever.

We are born to fly, however flying without God’s wind beneath our wings is dangerous business. If we try it we will surely fall under the weight of our own burdens, our efforts, our flesh. Learn to love your storms, because they are meant to make you fly higher than ever expected.  Do not spend your time flapping your own wings. Wait for the winds of God’s spirit to blow, and then simply lift off and go along with the currents that He provides.

Isaiah 40:31 “But those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”

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