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What if?

March 13, 2007
  • What if life was about learning not just living?
  • What if people were valued for who they are instead of what they can do or who they know?
  • What if the things we valued matched with God’s values?
  • What if we managed our time based on our priorities?
  • What if we truly understood God’s character, heart, and passion?
  • What if we lived in a way that showed people the truth of how we felt about them?
  • What if we lived with honesty and authenticity?
  • What if prayer was about relationship with a loved friend instead of asking for something we perceive we need?
  • What if we saw our bodies as the temple of God and offered all we are as living sacrifices?
  • What if we were as passionate about God and living his way as we are about food, sports, politics, material possessions, and money?
  • What if God’s purpose is about being with us in the muck instead of getting us out of it?
  • What if our trials always made us better not bitter, distrustful, or cynical?
  • What if we believed it was okay to live sad, confused, scared and doubting?
  • What is we stopped trying to solve others problems but instead walked with them through them?
  • What if we chose to do it God’s way instead of our way?
  • What if God’s silence toward us was intentional, trying to cause us to grow and mature?
  • What if we lived acknowledging that what we were hungry and thirsty for could not be satisfied by anything earthly?
  • What if our relationship was God only gave us a new lens to view life and didn’t change life?
  • What if the answer to our prayer is to change ourselves and the way we live?
  • What if we allowed God to make us the answer to our own prayers?
  • What if we saw truth through God’s eyes?
  • What if we were “sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” (Heb. 11:1)?
  • What if we wanted God more than we want his stuff or his power/resources/actions?
  • What if God considers our questioning more important than supplying us with an answer?
  • What if our blessings more than our sufferings caused us to ask God why?
  • What if……..?
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