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When life is difficult…

March 23, 2007

“Living the Christian life and growing in holiness are not accomplished by resolving to conquer the sinful tendencies of the flesh or by the performance of rigid disciplines. The purpose of the spiritual disciplines – prayer, studying God’s Word, fellowship, loving acts of service and so on – is to stimulate us to go to Christ for the strength to become holy. They are of no use – in fact they can be hindrances – if they are done with the thought that we can overcome sin by our own power.” (Free by Neil T. Anderson and Dave Park)

I have been feeling very stagnant and overwhelmed lately. I find myself going through the acts of spiritual disciplines without heart and even at times without faith. I’m trying with my flesh to change things in my spirit and yet I know that is wrong. God is still there, I don’t doubt that, but the way I relate to him and see him working in my life has changed recently. I miss those times where I have felt close to him and have seen him at work in my life. I miss those times where I felt passion and heart for him and his purposes. I miss feeling like he is alive and active in me and in the world.

Many, or maybe all of us can go through times like this. It is how we respond to these dry times that changes our character and restores our relationship with God and others. We can’t overcome sin on our own, we need God, but these times may cause us to doubt, question, struggle, and feel alone. This is where we need to cling to what we know and continue to be faithful despite what our feelings and even our heads may be telling us.

If you are going through a difficult time, or the next time you do, remember to continue to follow God. Don’t let your circumstances or your current attitudes and feelings drive you to turn away from God’s truths. Maybe you won’t be living with your whole heart today, but continue to love him with all you have available. Remember that 50% or 80% or even 20% is better than nothing. He still loves you. Trust that he does want to be close with you again and do all you can to go to Christ for that strength you need to become holy.

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