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Do you have the faith to follow?

March 26, 2007

If Jesus asked you to do something, would you do it? What if it seemed crazy? Would you have the courage and faith to follow him and do what he said? Would you look to others to support you? What if the faith of other’s wasn’t strong enough to carry you?

Read the story of Jesus walking on the water in Matthew 14:22-36. If you were Peter would you have the faith to step out of the boat? Imagine how Peter might have explained his experience.

“Jesus stood waiting for me about thirty feet away. I let go of the side of the boat and took a step toward him…then another…and another. I was doing fine until I took my eyes off of where I was going and looked back at where I’d come from. I saw eleven anxious faces staring at me in concerned disbelief. No one else was following me. If anything, they appeared to be clinging to the boat even more tightly, obviously glad I was out on the water and not them. Faith by majority vote is never a safe path for the child of God. Rarely does our Lord give others faith for the work he seeks to do through us. In looking back I allowed others to vote on the wisdom of my trust in the Master. The vote was eleven against one. When I turned back to Jesus I no longer saw him; I saw the storm. I no longer heard his voice saying, “Come!” I heard the wind blasting around my ears. I no longer felt the solid footing under my feet. I felt the spray of the sea soaking my face and legs and arms and hands. And a great wave of terror flooded over me.” (Quoted from The Fisherman by Larry Huntsperger)

God has given you the faith you need for what he is asking you to do. We need others, they can be a strength in times of trouble, but don’t let your faith be determined by the majority. Trust in God more and before anyone else. “Faith by majority vote is never a safe path for the child of God.”

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