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Learning from my new neighbor

March 26, 2007

We have a new neighbor that has moved in. He is a rather active and industrious fellow who is quickly trying to improve the world he lives in. He knows what he wants, and he is focusing all of his efforts toward those goals. For the last few years his property has sat uncared for and it was starting to show the signs of the neglect. Already things are being rebuilt, cleaned up, and improved. I have not yet had the opportunity to meet him, but I can sure see the signs of all his work.

What a lesson I can learn from him! It made me think about how much time I waste spinning my wheels, focusing on the wrong things, and looking for something new that might bring me something better. God made me for a purpose. I know that purpose (at least in a general sense) from spending time in God’s Word. That purpose doesn’t include my glory, but God’s. I don’t need the honor and recognition, but instead am supposed to be giving that glory to God. People don’t even need to meet me to see that if I am doing my job well, they should be able to witness the changes that happen because I stopped by or passed through. Does your home, work place, church, ministry, and the lives of those you relate to show glory to God because you have been there? Is all you do focused on the purpose God made you for? If not, maybe you too can take a lesson from my new neighbor.

Beaver work

By the way, my new neighbor is a beaver. In the short time he has been there he has downed trees and fixed the pond. My environment has been changed for the better because of him. If a small furry creature can give this much glory to God, think what you can do!

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