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March 27, 2007

I am the type of person that needs reminders. I make notes to myself, set automatic reminders in my email program, and have even been known to leave myself voicemail. It isn’t just in my everyday physical life that I need reminders, but sometimes I need them in my spiritual life also. I carry two physical reminders for my spiritual life with me every day. When I see them, they help me to remember the truth I live by, what I value, and what the priorities in my life should be.

 First, I wear a ring that my grandfather bought in Europe and gave to my grandmother during WWII. It reminds me that God (the diamond) is between me and my (hopefully) future spouse. We are represented by the saphires. As long as I keep God in the right place I make wise choices about my relationships and my purity. When I take the ring on and off I am reminded to pray for him, and hope that one day he will be a part of my life.

RingFishing Swivel Bracelet

The second item is bracelet I wear every day. I have worn it continuously for over 12 years now, only removing it once for a formal event. Can you tell what it is made out of? That’s right, they are fishing swivels. Kuddos to the manufacturers who make these little metal objects strong enough to last this long without damage. I just added a few beads for decoration. This bracelet reminds me of one of the purposes I have in life, to be a fisher of men. Every day it serves as a reminder to live a meaningful life with my focus on God.

Do you have reminders in your life that help you stay on track? Do you need some? As long as these reminders serve as positive reinforcements and not objects of obsession they can be very helpful to keep you focused on the right things and can serve as a type of personal accountability.  What is reminding you today to live a life completely devoted to God?

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