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Holy Saturday….is it where we live?

April 7, 2007

I was very moved recently by the following quotes from Pete Greig in the book God on Mute. I wanted to share these quotes with you today because this is Holy Saturday, and I believe Pete’s words hold some meaningful insights. I wish I had been able to post this earlier in the day.

“The Bible tells us almost nothing about this mysterious day sandwiched between crucifixion and resurrection when God allowed the whole of creation to live without answers. It’s a day of confusion and silence. Roman Catholics and many Anglicans strip their altars bare-back to the bones-on Holy Saturday. I guess it’s the one day in the entire year when the Church has nothing to say. And yet, although we know so little about it, Holy Saturday seems to me to describe the place in which many of us live our lives: waiting for God to speak. We know that Jesus died for us yesterday. We trust that there may be miracles tomorrow. But what of today-this eternal Sabbath when heaven is silent? Where, we wonder, is God now?”

“No one really talks about Holy Saturday, yet if we stop and think about it, it’s where most of us live most of our lives. Holy Saturday is the no-man’s land between questions and answers, prayers and miracles. It’s where we wait-with a peculiar mixture of faith and despair-whenever God is silent or life doesn’t make sense.”

“Martin Luther argued that God withdraws and falls silent in order to draw us into a deeper relationship with him that is only possible when we move beyond merely outward experiences and purely rational understanding.  If Luther is right, then the silence and unknowing of Holy Saturday are essential to growing deeper in our relationship with God.  The silence of God is intentional.  It is one of the great disciplines he puts on his children “that we may share in his holiness” (Heb. 12:11).”

God may be silent or he may be speaking clearly in your life right now. Either way, the one thing I am sure of is that he is alive and active in your life. Do you wonder where he is right now? Trust and believe he is there with you. Sometimes, the most powerful expression of his love can come through silence and just being present. Have a wonderful Holy Saturday and may all the meaning of this holy week and Christ’s sacrifice be impressed on your heart and life.

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