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Who inspires you?

April 8, 2007

As I sat in church today I thought of the incredible inspiration Christ is in my life. A person who inspires is someone who affects, guides, arouses, and enlivens us. They are the source of and draw forth inspiration in us. Christ is the biggest inspiration in my life. I don’t fear him, but instead fear being without him in my life. He shows me the person I want and need to be, and makes me desire and strive for more than I can do on my own.

Christ has given me so many gifts and blessings. My life is full of them, and although I am grateful I know I am never grateful enough. As I reflected with deep gratitude on Christ’s inspiration and his blessings in my life I also thought of who God has placed in my life that inspires me. There are many people who I am so privileged to know and who impact my life in positive ways. There are people I deeply love, and who I would willingly sacrifice for. However it struck me that real deep inspiration from those around me is rare. Very few people have impacted my life so deeply that I want to be a different person because of them. One of them left this earth to be in heaven last year. Tim was a mentor, a friend, a leader, and an inspiration in my life. He was the first person to ever tell me he believed in me. My life is different because of him. The most inspiring person in my life right now is a stay at home mom with a beautiful three year old son. I have never met anyone whose love and passion for God touches me and changes me so deeply. She impacts my life in mighty ways even though I usually get no more than a few minutes on a phone call with her once a month. Her presence in my life points me to God with everything she says and does, and I know I can be completely real with her.

Inspiration doesn’t just come from great leaders, or those who are in positions of power or esteem. Sometimes inspiration comes from simple, everyday people who cross your path, show you love, and believe in who you are deep inside.

Who is it that deeply inspires you? Have you told them? I hope Christ is your greatest inspiration, but don’t overlook the blessing of those he has placed in your life to inspire you and draw you to him. They are incredible gifts and our lives would be empty without them. Thank you, Lord, for being the inspiration for our lives. Thank you for those who walk with us and also bring us inspiration. Help us to recognize their impact and influence on our lives and to desire relationship with you even more deeply because of their inspiration.

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