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We aren’t called to walk alone, but can we?

April 9, 2007

On Saturday I ran into a couple that I know through a church we both used to attend. Unfortunately we have left that church through separate but equally painful processes where we were deeply hurt by church leaders. As I spoke to them I learned that it had taken them two years to return to a church. It had taken me over a year to call a church home. The conversation reminded me of a very important and powerful lesson I learned during that time of transition in my life. After spending an extended period of time away from a church and outside of the body of Christ my walk with God became deeply personal. I had no one to support me, encourage me, or guide me to God. If I was going to continue in my walk it was up to God and I alone. It would have been very easy to walk away during that time, especially because of the hurt I had to work through.

Through that year I learned and grew a lot because I came to understand how deeply personal God is. That is something I can lose sight of now that I have a church family. It is easy for me to turn to them and expect them to be involved in my relationship with God through teaching, encouraging, supporting, etc. While God calls us to community and fellowship with each other, no one is responsible for your relationship with God. We each need to take that responsibility on our own. Your relationship with God should not be dependent on your pastor delivering a good sermon, your worship leader leading in a way that matches your style, your spouse being joy filled and excited about attending church, or the people around you engaging with God in the same way you desire to. Our relationship with God is only dependent on us having an open and receptive heart that is willing to submit to and embrace what God has for us.

Having relationship with other believers is a wonderful blessing in our lives, one we should be deeply grateful for. Be thankful for them, and encourage them, but don’t let your faith depend entirely on them. God wants relationship directly with you, and he wants to be so involved with your life that nothing can separate you. Growing and maturing to have an active personal relationship with God isn’t easy, but it makes a powerful difference in our lives.

Are you looking to someone else for your relationship with God? Do the attitudes and actions of those around you draw you away from God? Would your faith survive if circumstances separated you from active relationship with other believers?

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  1. April 10, 2007 6:52 pm

    I have been through periods when separated you from active relationships several times. But like you I grew in my personal walk in those times. Thankfully He did not leave me in these situations. You kinda’ have to share what you learn in those times with others…….

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