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Have you ever wondered what God was saying to you?

April 15, 2007

As I was leaving church today I was talking with the pastor’s wife. She asked me what I was doing this afternoon and I told her I probably should continue a conversation I have been having with God. It has been going on for several days now, but really it started about six years ago.

I stood in the parking lot talking with someone else for a few minutes before walking to my car. As I approached my car I looked down and found a small blue hand on the ground. Most of the time we would ignore something like this, but….it has happened to me before….more than three years ago. There was a time when I started finding small blue hands cut out of paper. The first time or two I ignored them, but after having them appear repeatedly I finally picked one up and placed it on my car dashboard waiting for God to speak. I believe he finally did give me some explanation, but I honestly can’t remember what it is. So, today when I found a small blue hand cut out of foam in the exact same shape as those I have seen previously I stopped immediately and picked it up. Why a hand? Why blue? Why this time was the hand with a small red heart?

God doesn’t speak to us just through scripture or other people. He will use any means to get our attention. Have you ever wondered if God was speaking to you? Look around, he might be talking or trying to get your attention in an unexpected way. Have you ever wondered what God was saying to you? I have too! In fact it looks like I didn’t get the message the first time or I forgot it and God is trying to say something to me again. Anyone know what a small blue hand appearing randomly in my path might mean? Maybe I need to go continue that conversation with God.


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