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Honored by the legacy

April 16, 2007

Infant grave

Have you ever wandered through a cemetery? I took some time today to take a walk through one. It is the resting place of my town founders and many others who have impacted the community I live in. As I walked through the cemetery I thought of all those who had come before me. They put things in motion that impact my life today. They instituted changes they had no idea would impact people so many years later. There were people who had fought in WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and Vietnam. There were mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. There were graves of infants who had very short lives, people who had lived for almost a century, and spouses who had lived up to 46 years without each other.

Tonight is the anniversary of my father’s death. I love remembering what he impacted. He was a gentle and unassuming leader. Most of his impact was in relationships one on one but he served as a pastor in at least a dozen communities. He impacted people in at least five different states, and his impact was so far reaching that after his death a school was named after him in South America. Even with my father’s heart and passion for Christ many of my family members are not Christians, but the roots of our faith in God come from those who came before us.

My dear daughter I write this to you because I love you so much and as life is so uncertain I leave this for you to read in later years. At whatever age you are when you read this remember that our time in this life is to improve our ability and glorify God whom to know and love is life eternal. Cleave to the knowledge of your Savior that you have learned while young and your life will be, in the Beauty of Holiness. I hope you will always be loyal to the truth and then you will be blessed.
-Margaret, 1892 (my great, great, great grandmother)

May the blessed Lord have mercy on me and give me a due portion of his saving and sustaining grace to be able to stand it all for I have given up everything to be a faithful follower of the blessed Jesus. I am praying continuously for the blessed Lord to come in my soul and mind and body and remove every partial of sin and wash me. Make my heart a fertile dwelling place for the Holy Spirit to live in and if he takes his hiding place in me all pain and misery will flee away that I am tired of. Well, pray earnestly for me dear Charles and Lettie that I may yet come of ________ for by the help of the Lord everything is possible with him. So I have a biding faith in him to save to the uttermost. I shall trust him to the end.
-Quinter, 1897 (my great, great, great grandfather)

Try to live a true Christian life and always keep an eye on your brothers and be true and kind to them.
A.L. , 1895 (my great, great grandfather)

My biblical ancestors made some big mistakes in how they followed God, but he never abandoned them. Some of my more recent ancestors may have walked more closely with God, but they still made many mistakes. God too never abandoned them. He has promised “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” (Joshua 1:5) I am honored by the legacy my father and his family left for me. Even more though I am honored to be the daughter of a heavenly father who impacts my life every single day in countless ways. It is his legacy that I most want to follow.

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