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Where have I been?

May 30, 2007

I have not been blogging for the last two weeks as I felt God calling me in a different area. I have been learning about fasting, not from food, but from other things that can get in the way of my life and time with God. Blogging, Internet, and email were becoming an area where I spent a lot of time each day, and yet I was struggling to make time in my schedule for God.

All that is to say, I have been off spending time actually talking to and being with God rather than just blogging about him and what he is doing in my life. It has been a powerful couple of weeks. He truly is an amazing God and I know exactly why I choose to love him and serve him, and why I want to glorify him.

May he touch your heart and life, and may you see yourself through his eyes which are full of love and compassion.

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  1. heaintthroughwithmeyet permalink
    May 30, 2007 3:31 pm

    How wonderful!
    I felt the same way this past two weeks. And refrained from blogging. I feel so much closer to Him right now.

    Bless you

  2. May 30, 2007 3:54 pm

    Rich blessings Andrea. I know life has been tough for you lately. I continue to pray that God is walking you through each and every day, bringing you joy, peace, and renewed hope. It sounds like that prayer is being answered!

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