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FISH! a philosophy

June 4, 2007

I was reminded today about one of the most transforming philosophies I have ever been introduced to. Almost ten years ago a local Seattle business shared and promoted their philosophy. It has touched many businesses and people around the world. For those of you who don’t have the pleasure of living in the Seattle area or who have never been to our amazing public market to witness this first hand, we have a place called the Pike Place Fish Market where the workers transformed their work, attitudes and the market by changing their focus. They bring passion, play, commitment and a positive attitude to work, and put on a show for everyone who comes by as they laugh, throw fish, and provide amazing service. They focus on people, service, and engaging in transforming their world, one conversation at a time.

There are four main points to their beliefs called the FISH! Philosophy.
1. Play – Have fun at work.
2. Make their day – Make a difference for others. Provide service that engages people and makes their day. Go the extra mile.
3. Be there – Pay attention and be fully involved and engaged. Give 100% to those you serve, putting your heart and passion into all you do.
4. Choose your attitude – Before you start your day pick an attitude you will carry throughout the day, and make it a good one!

This short video will give you a taste of this fun place and their amazing philosophy. (I am not promoting their materials, but thought the video on this promotional web site was worth linking to.)

My church has been talking about culture and mission lately. It has left me thinking a lot about how we can be in the world but not live with the same values as the world, and how our mission should be one of loving, caring for, and touching the lives of those around us, Christians and non-Christians alike. Would the church be different if we applied a philosophy like FISH!?

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