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Seeing God working, moving, speaking and directing

June 10, 2007

Recently a blog friend shared that he chose to listen to his spirit as it was troubled one day. It appears that God was trying to tell him something. That post left me thinking about the number of times we ignore or overlook how God is trying to share with us. Sometimes we are too busy, sometimes there is something that hinders our ability to hear, but I think often the problem is that we don’t know the shepherd’s voice as well as we think we do or need to in order to hear him.

For the last few weeks I have been trying to pay a lot of attention to how God is working, moving, speaking, and directing in my life. It has led to a lot of changes both in me, and in my circumstances. I am seeing relationships repaired or improved upon, prayers are being answered, I have a new job with some great opportunities for God to use me as a vessel to bring restoration and encouragement, and I am learning to see God in many places where I have previously overlooked him. At this same time I am being refined. I have been convicted more in the last few weeks about my beliefs, attitudes, and actions than even before. I feel deep conviction about learning what it really means to be authentic, for example the last two weeks at church I have found I can only sing the words to a song of worship if I truly mean them. I have a choice of whether or not to respond to the conviction I feel, but so far I am choosing to listen, learn, and change.

What could God be saying to you that you are overlooking or ignoring? How could he use you more if you took time to see him working, moving, speaking, and directing you and the world around you? Have you seen God at work today? Take a good look around!

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  1. June 11, 2007 5:28 pm

    Really enjoyed the post, particularly as it relates to work. I used to be one of those afraid to share my faith at work. I didn’t want to make anyone feel “uncomfortable.”

    But now everyone knows who I am and they respect me for it. Two years ago I was the only one in our office attending church. Now seven peolple attend the same church.

    I have learned first hand that God can use you anywhere, but you have to listen.

  2. June 11, 2007 10:48 pm

    Praise God! I just finished listening to David Crowder sing about living with the that attitude. How many of us are willing to live out the words “I will not keep silent any more”?

    I was put on the spot tonight and asked about my new job. I had a tough time answering because one of my absolutely least favorite topics is me. I really dislike attention and recognition, so it was tough being called out to share. What is so much more important to me is that everyone sees God. I am slowly learning though that sometimes the only way they are going to see God is through me. I am growing to love God so deeply that I will not keep silent, even if it means I have to talk about some of my least favorite topics.

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