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Where did you learn to worship?

June 12, 2007

I grew up in a church where I learned to sing, listen to teaching, and join with others in the congregation for responsive readings, but I didn’t learn to worship, pray, or have relationship with Christ. I learned those things somewhere else.

At church on Sunday I had a great time worshipping. It left me thinking about where I learned to truly worship God. Worship isn’t about music and singing, although those can be a part of it. It is about living a life where we share with others. I am very thankful for Voice of Calvary, an interracial church and ministry I was a part of in Jackson, Mississippi. It was a place where I learned to be deeply passionate about serving others and being authentic in musical worship. I was blessed to attend a tremendous missions conference in Urbana, Illinois. It was where my heart for others, especially those who are needy or who are from cultures other than my own developed. My life was changed as I served as a summer camp leader under Tim Bigelow, Dave Lee, and Woody Franzen’s direction where I learned to pour my life out to others and love with all I have.

Have you learned how to worship? Have you learned to live a life where you share with others by putting your hands, feet, mind, heart, words, and actions into motion? Have you learned to be passionate, to serve, to have a heart for others, to pour out your life, and to love with all you have? Is there someone you can say thank you to for teaching you or leaving an example that helped you learn to worship? What a blessing it is to love God so deeply that I desire to worship him more than anything else in life!

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