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Taking the posture to serve you the best

June 18, 2007

Pastor Brad Grey shared with his church that the very day that he and his wife lost their first child due to a miscarriage, was the same day his best friend and wife gave birth to their first child.

His best friend’s response was: “Brad, I love you. I’m sorry. If it takes you one month, if it takes you six months, if it takes you a year, if it takes you two years before you can even lay eyes on my daughter then I am absolutely okay with that. Because I will take whatever posture is necessary to serve you the best.”

Can you imagine how different our world would be if we lived with a posture of serving others the best? What if those we served had the same response to us in return? How can you serve others the best? Don’t just think about it, live it! Who can you start with? Your spouse? Your child? Your co-worker? Someone you are angry with? Someone you are in broken relationship with? Someone who is in need? Someone you don’t understand? Someone you love enough to sacrifice for?

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