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An area of witness I am neglecting

June 23, 2007

A few years ago I was deeply struck by something a young adult I was spending time with shared with me. She was still living at home and attending a local college. Something had happened at home resulting in a disagreement with her father. Afterwards he came to her and apologized, admitting he had been wrong, and asking for her forgiveness. That image struck me profoundly because I had never heard of a parent asking their child for forgiveness.

I have been thinking of that a lot lately. There are many places in scripture where it calls out that Christians should forgive others. Christ told Peter he wasn’t just to forgive a few times (seven), but seventy-seven times.  In Matthew 5:23-24 it says that if we remember someone has something against us we should go and be reconciled. There are parables that speak of how debts are managed (paid and forgiven).

I am left with the image of someone knowing they are wrong, knowing they did not do the best they could have toward another in their life and being humble enough to admit their fault. Every day I sin and fall short of how God would like me to live, but very rarely do I admit that I messed up and ask someone else to forgive me. I can’t remember the last time someone came to me and said they were sorry or came asking for forgiveness.

I have been realizing the pride I hold and how I don’t want to humble myself to ask others to forgive me. I have realized how I don’t want to admit I am wrong and often I neglect sharing that with others even when I know I should. One of the greatest witnesses I can have toward others is to walk in humility, admitting my own shortcomings and admitting my need for their forgiveness. This is a new area that I really want to work on in my journey toward taking God at his word and living authentically.

Is there anyone you could be a witness to in this way?

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