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Seeing God’s Heart

June 26, 2007

I love it when God shows me a glimpse of his heart and teaches me a lesson. I received an email from someone today who apologized for something and said he hopes that I will forgive him. As I thought of this message my heart softened and grew in love. I had forgiven the offense a long time ago, but because my friend has been unwilling to have relationship with me he has been unable to see that. I am thankful that he is growing and opening up, and I hope that he will one day understand my forgiveness and choose to walk in it.

This is just like my relationship with God. I mess up daily, and it can take me a long time to recognize that and go to God to admit my faults. In the meantime God is waiting, offering me forgiveness if I will just receive it. Instead, I tend to avoid him, keep my distance, or keep him at arms length. All the time he is just waiting for me to come forward. He wants me to choose the relationship again instead of choosing to live in my own broken ways. When I do finally come to him all he wants to do is embrace me and love me, leaving the past and the pain behind. He wants me to understand that the forgiveness has always been there, and it always will be there, I just have to choose to walk in it.

Do you understand that God is offering you forgiveness every day? Are you choosing to walk in it, or are you avoiding the relationship? Forgiveness is a gift that God has promised us. Choose that gift and let him express his tremendous love for you. It will change you and your life.

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