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Post Church – Has the calling occurred or are they ready for action?

July 6, 2007

I was thinking about the “post church” movement recently. Back in May my church taught on Ecclesia, the greek word for church. My pastor said the word translates to “called out”.

According to the Greek Lexicon available at translates to:
1. a gathering of citizens called out from their homes into some public place, an assembly
2. an assembly of the people convened at the public place of the council for the purpose of deliberating
3. the assembly of the Israelites
4. any gathering or throng of men assembled by chance, tumultuously in a Christian sense
5. an assembly of Christians gathered for worship in a religious meeting
6. a company of Christian, or of those who, hoping for eternal salvation through Jesus Christ, observe their own religious rites, hold their own religious meetings, and manage their own affairs, according to regulations prescribed for the body for order’s sake
7. those who anywhere, in a city, village, constitute such a company and are united into one body
8. the whole body of Christians scattered throughout the earth
9. the assembly of faithful Christians already dead and received into heaven

That means the “post church” movement would actually translate to the “after a gathering of citizens are called out into an assembly” movement. It depends on your perspective – that could be sad because the calling and gather has already occurred, or it could be great because they have already been called and gathered and now is the time they can achieve so much more.

I wonder what perspective those in the post church movement hold? Since they are taking a stand against church and all the religiosity in the church I am a little surprised they even have the word church in the name of their movement.

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