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Coming before a king’s throne

July 11, 2007

When was the last time you focused on approaching God and coming before him as a king who sits on a throne. I had the opportunity to do that this week as a group of people gathered to pray for my church. We came together for the sole purpose of lifting up our pastors, leaders, community, and ministries in prayer. This wasn’t a church lead activity, in fact our pastors didn’t even know it was happening. It was just a gathering of a group of people who care so much about our community that we wanted to bring it before God and ask for his direction, leadership, and help as the church continues to grow and change. We spent two and a half hours before God, seeking his heart and giving him worship. It was amazing!

What would it be like to have the opportunity to meet God face to face? While on the surface it sounds incredible, I have to wonder if it would be so completely overwhelming that I couldn’t handle it. I read a book this week that expressed this happened when the ten commandments were presented. The first few seem to come from God directly, and then they shift to talk about how we should relate to the Lord your God. Was it too much for the Israelites to receive these from God directly?

During the prayer time I was lead to this passage from Malachi 3:2
“But who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears?”

I don’t want to stand when he appears. I want to fall on my face and worship him. In fact, I don’t want to wait until he comes again to do that because his spirit is here with us today. Take time to remember that God is a king, and he is due all our worship, praise, and honor. Nothing, absolutely nothing compares to him. Who can stand? Why would I want to stand in the presence of someone so holy, pure, and loving?

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