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Who is in charge?

July 19, 2007

A couple months ago I started having a weekly Sabbath. It is something I still struggle to use to the fullest, but it is a time that I guard carefully. I need the period of rest and a time to be restored as life can really beat us up. Over the last few weeks one of the focuses of that time has been wrestling with the idea of who is in charge of my life. Do I truly have freedom of choice to do what I want to in life or does God have a hand in bringing opportunities, obstacles, and people into my life? Does God control the circumstances and I am only in charge of my response to the circumstances?

During my Sabbath this week I spent some time in prayer and found myself praying some really difficult things, things that I honestly couldn’t even speak out loud at first they were so difficult. Will God honor those prayers? Will they be honored any more than a prayer that was easy to say? Is the whole process about what it took to pray those prayers, or about the content of the prayers?

Who really is in charge of my life? Am I really free to make up my own mind, or am I influenced by the hand of the almighty who is changing things around me to influence me toward a relationship with him.

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