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How could you not love it?

July 20, 2007

Love It

When was the last time you fell in love? Not the romantic, sappy, lust filled stuff, or even the life long commitment love. I mean simple, real love from the heart. When was the last time you opened yourself up and shared your heart with someone else and allowed them to see you and love you.

A few weeks ago someone stepped into my life and showed me that I had become rather self-centered in how I was living. It wasn’t something he pointed out, he was just being himself, but through our interactions he touched a place in my heart that I found I had been protecting and hiding. Since then I have been working hard to open up more, embrace relationships more, and to allow myself to fall in love. I wake up each day now wondering who I will meet, who I will share with, and what I can do to open my heart up to others. Today has been a great day, I have had lots of opportunity to see people through God’s eyes, and to love them in new ways.

Here are just a few places I have been touched in the last two weeks….Most of these people won’t read this and don’t even realize that I have fallen in love with them, but they have impacted my heart and life. Thank you for opening my eyes and my heart Ken, I am deeply moved and grateful. I am still seeing the impacts you had on me in just three short days. Clara, thank you for changing me by showing me how to value life and enjoy the simple things. Scott, thank you for a smile that melts my heart. Nick, you reminded me that I have a weird sense of humor and it is fun to share it with others. Reiss, every time I see you my heart breaks open to love you even more. John, your trip to the hospital opened my eyes to remind me how much I overlook in our relationship and how much I love you and your family. Thank you for sharing life with me. Sweet Kaitlyn, you have helped me know I can love kids again and realize it is okay to grieve that I can’t have a beautiful angel like you. Alyssa, your games remind me to enjoy life, see it through new eyes, and find ways to play differently. Mark, we may come from two different worlds but your presence in my life makes it better and I can’t imagine not sharing life with you now.

Who have you fallen in love with lately? What can you do to open your heart up love and be loved in new ways? Awaken your heart, and let love show you how to live differently every day.

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