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I got tagged!

July 21, 2007

Andrea at tagged me with some questions. While I answered them at her site I thought I would post them here too.

1). What is your favored worship song/hymn?
My favorite hymn is Be Thou My Vision because my dad died right after his best friend finished singing the last verse to him.  My favorite worship song is much harder. I think it changes every week. Lately I have gone back to an older one by Rita Springer, You Are Still Holy.
Holy, you are still holy,
Even when the darkness surrounds my life
Sovereign, you are still sovereign
Even when confusion has blinded my eyes
Lord, I don’t deserve your kind affection
When my unbelief has kept me from your touch
I want my life to be a pure reflection
Of your love And so I come…

2). Favorite verse, and/or chapter in the Bible?
I don’t think I can answer that. This is part of where I see scripture as being “alive” because it reaches me right where I am at, no matter what that place is. There are places I turn in joy, sorrow, sadness, and anger. Stories show or remind me how to live, Paul speaks guidance that directs me when I am off base, and history reveals God’s ways over time to me.

3). What lead you to God? Let us hear your testimony!
When I was 14 I cried out to the sky speaking to what others said was God. I told him if he was real he would have to prove it to me. That night, he showed me a miracle. I’m a tough nut though and even that wasn’t enough for me to believe. It took another two years of him pursuing after me, and having to go through some of the darkest days of my life as I fought suicidal thoughts before I came to a place of believing. When I was ready I made a very conscious decision. I was at church camp and I told me counselor a day and a half before I made the commitment that I wanted to do it. When I finally did it was amazing. The suicidal thoughts were taken away overnight, and God immediately began making some changes in my life. Two weeks later I was in a car accident where I rolled a car. We should have been seriously injured, but by the grace of God that didn’t happen. I still wonder if it was because of the commitment I made.

4). How do you live day by day with the Lord?
Some days well, and some days pretty poorly. The biggest thing is I have learned that life is unpredictable so just a quiet time in the morning isn’t enough. While I try to have some time with God before my day starts there are times that is interrupted. I have learned that God lives in me so he is with me wherever I go. I try to use my commute time to listen to teachings or praise and worship music so that my mind is on God and not traffic. I try to look at every person I meet as a creation of God therefore deserving my respect and love. I try to learn more and more every day so that I can work at being the best person I can be as my love for God grows deeper all the time. Finally, I recognize and acknowledge my incredible need for God every day. I can’t go through this life without him.

5). Living Bible? NIV? KJV? The Message? Which is your favorite and why?
I typically use the NIV. I was raised on the RSV but was introduced to the NIV in college and it became a little easier for me to understand. I do however have other versions including a side by side comparison of four different translations and I refer to different versions at different times for greater understanding and insight.

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