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For those pastors and leaders….we will be grateful

July 25, 2007

The Bible tells us to examine everything carefully and hold on to only that which is intrinsically right and true (1 Thessalonians 5:21). It is important even in our church family, to examine what we learn and what we’ve been taught.  Just like our own well-meaning parents, are pastors and leaders also see life through the reflection of a broken mirror.  It is absolutely critical for the health and well-being of our soul to ask, seek and find God’s truth about who he is, who we are and how we are to live.  The Lord said that if we hold on to His teachings, we will know the truth and His truth will set us free.  In our churches we have given the pastor a position of authority and power to influence our beliefs and actions in many ways.  No one, except our families, has this kind of jurisdiction over our lives.  For those pastors who’ve mirrored health, healing and love into our lives, we will for eternity be grateful. (Toxic Churches: Restoration from Spiritual Abuse by Marc A. Dupont)

What are you allowing others to speak into your life? Is it truth? There are many, many wrong thoughts and beliefs out there. God’s heart for us is that we will know the truth. His word, the Bible tells us to examine what we have been taught, and to test it. He doesn’t want us to follow blindly or to be misled. Do you have people who are speaking into your life with authority and power? Most of us allow our families this power, but we also give this authority and power to the leaders we follow. Don’t follow and submit to leaders that are leading you astray, but if you find worthy leaders that you can trust, open up to, submit to the leadership of, and share your life with you will be better for it. I have made bad choices before and served with and worked for poor leaders, but I have also served and worked for great leaders and pastors. As Marc says in the above quote, for those who speak into our lives in healthy and loving ways, and for those leaders who help us become even better than we are today, we will be grateful, very grateful.

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