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Sharing our gifts

July 26, 2007

A few days ago I made an offer to help someone from my church with a need they have. I received the following response. “I would definitely not decline your offer to come and help. I think it is a gift and I don’t want you to deprive you of offering it if you want to.”

Her response made me think about how my words and actions will at times allow and at other times not allow those I relate with to share their gifts. Do I recognize and appreciate the gifts that others have? Do I allow them to use those gifts?

What an amazing response my friend gave “I think it is a gift, and I don’t want to deprive you of offering it.” Have others offered to share one of their gifts only to have you turn them down? What could you do next time to recognize that gift and allow others to use and express their gifts more fully? This world could be a different place if we were both allowed and encouraged to share our gifts openly with each other.

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  1. July 19, 2009 9:38 pm

    Thanks for sharing your gift. It was really very nice. It was nice going through your blog. Keep it up the good work.

    • July 20, 2009 8:23 am

      Thank you for stopping by for a visit. I am glad that my words touch someone along this journey. I am learning that we need to look more to people as blessings in this life than as someone to meet our needs. Only God can truly meet our needs, and with him we have a lot fewer needs to start with.

      May you bless someone today as you go through your life!

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