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What did we do this weekend?

July 30, 2007
  • I changed my sheets and towels, replacing the dirty ones with a second set from my closet. They used a rag to clean with and had no bed to sleep on.

  • I changed clothes and threw the first set in a pile on the floor. They valued the only oufit they own and were thankful they were not naked.

  • I did laundry and dishes with the help of machines. They didn’t have clothes or dishes to wash and haven’t seen a machine.
  • I listened to music through a stereo system. They made music through hand made instruments.
  • I used water and cooked food without a second thought. They walked for miles to gather unclean water and went hungry.
  • I cleaned my home and relaxed on my furniture. They sought to find a safe place to rest, and hoped for a roof to put over their heads.
  • I read a book and thought of the future. They spent their time meeting the necessities of life and lived for today.
  • I used tools, machines, electricity, and artificial things without thinking about what I was doing. They used their hands, feet, and minds to meet every daily need they were faced with.
  • I failed to recognize the many blessings and gifts I am surrounded by every day. Many of them are thankful for each day they remain alive and recognize the great wealth of blessings they receive daily.

 Most of those who share our world don’t have enough food, shelter, water, clothing, medicine, warmth, safety, or support to meet their daily needs. They struggle through life each day, and yet they are so thankful for all they have. I overlook the blessings and gifts that are in my life and take them for granted all the time. I need to repent of my grumbling, self centeredness, and ungrateful heart. May I daily be reminded of all I have that I am called to use to bless the lives of others.

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  1. Lori permalink
    August 3, 2007 5:40 am


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