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Oh the temptation!

July 31, 2007

My passions have been wet lately and now I must face new temptations. I am usually very responsible with my money and it is hard to tempt me to spend on things I don’t really need, but tonight I almost came home with a lot less money than I went to work with. I think I have been spending too much time with the boys and their toys lately.

In my job some co-workers have been slowly pulling me away from what I was hired to do and have adopted me into a different group. Even the regional vice president has gotten in on this activity… it is actually a very funny story how they are teasing my boss and trying to take me away. This new group is the team that gets to play with all the video and audio toys for a major technology company. If they get their way I may be working with this team (of all men….boys with toys) even more. During this same time period a new group has started at church that is looking at the how to engage the arts more in our church and to use our facility to its greatest capacity. Some of the conversation at our last meeting really got my mind going.

You see I am a kinesthetic learner. That means different things to different people, but for me it simply means the more of my senses you can engage (sight, sound, smell, touch, taste, etc.) the more I connect. I am highly inspired through visual and experiential things, and the use of audio, video, photography, and media is actually a passion of mine, although one that I have never really revealed to anyone at my church. (I’m a closet fanatic.) A couple weeks ago my pastor also learned that I used to design and manage web sites, something I guess I also haven’t really shared with most people at work or church.

Music Workstation

My temptation tonight came because I have been playing more and more with my music. I love to play the guitar, have dabbled with the djembe drum, and I used to play the piano/keyboard. I put the keyboard down a few years back and mostly due to accessibility issues I haven’t played in a few years. For the last few months though I have been drawn more and more back to that medium and tonight I almost purchased a music synthesizer workstation. Oh the fun I could have through combining music, photography, video, video editing, audio, and a blank canvas. Most of the things I have done in the past have been restricted through work so I haven’t been able to openly express my passions and creativity. How tempting it is to purchase the tools and toys to have at my fingertips at home. Ok, time to stop drooling and go find my guitar. I also better avoid the hardware store since I have been dreaming of wood working again lately.

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