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September 3, 2007


“It has taken an act of Congress to make the public accept HDTV, because consumers don’t really want better picture quality. They want better content.” (Digital Storytellers: The Art of Communicating the Gospel in Worship by Len Wilson & Jason Moore)

If the general public is looking for better content in their entertainment, what are Christians looking for in a worship service? Pastors, worship leaders, and other church staff often focus on the presentation of the content, but maybe it is the content itself that needs to be reshaped. Did you ever have a class in school where the teacher didn’t really know and understand the content, at least on a deep level? Did you have one where they did? The difference for the students in the classes can be tremendous. What would happen if our church services were lead and presented by leaders who knew both the content of the story of God and relationship with him intimately and passionately. How can we be a part of improving the content of the messages, communication, and presentation in our church services?

Like a spider’s web, the message may be strong, but we must know it is there to really see and experience it. Only when we see and experation a message will it have the impact to change our lives.

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