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What do you get to do today?

September 4, 2007

The Rookie 

In the movie The Rookie (2002) there is a turning point for teacher/pitcher Jim Morris. He has already made it to the minor leagues and is pitching, but he has lost focus about why he is there and what he is doing. He is ready to call it quits but his wife encourages him to give it one more try. Through that, Jim Morris’ perspective and attitude change. He once again realizes why he is there, what he loves, and what he wants to do. The next morning he walks into the locker room and looks at another player named Brooks and says, “Do you know what we get to do today Brooks? We get to play baseball.”

Do you know what we get to do today? We get to follow and serve God! Can you feel the excitement and passion about that? Does it inspire you and bring you joy? If not, what is standing in your way of that focus, perspective, and attitude?

Today millions of children are starting over with a new school year, and millions of others are staring new jobs, marriages, homes, commitments, etc. Will you join them?

Today, I started my day with a brand new commitment to my life with God. Today I started my day knowing with all that I am that I get to live for God. That will shape all I do, say, believe, and accomplish today. I started over in my commitment to God and in my commitment to life. I am refusing to pick up the old life, the old beliefs, the old way of doing things. Today, I get a new life. Will you join me? Do you know what you get to do today? The choice is yours.

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