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100% convinced

September 9, 2007

A few weeks ago in a sermon my pastor mentioned once being asked what he was 100% convinced of. I have been thinking of that a lot over the last few weeks. What is it that I am 100% convinced of? There are a few things, like the existence of God, which I was glad to say I was convinced of. There were also a few things that I found I was surprised I was not 100% convinced of.

Tonight I have someone in my life who leaves me questioning what I am convinced of. They are someone I have chosen to allow myself to care deeply about, to risk for, and to reach out toward in friendship. This person has deeply impacted my life, yet unfortunately today that relationship lies broken and hurting. Trust has been deeply damaged and only through God’s grace will it be restored, but pain like that doesn’t stop love. Love overcomes it. Hopefully love heals the brokenness. Am I convinced of my love for this person? Yes, 100%. Would I be willing to go to great risk, cost, or work to restore things? Yes. Does that stop the pain and hurt and heal the wounds? Unfortunately no, but hopefully it won’t stop the healing.

What are you willing to care for that deeply, risk for that extremely, and allow God to heal? Do you have people in your life that you care for deeply enough that you would do anything for them? What if it cost you everything? What if it cost you relationship with them? Is there anyone you would die for? Could you die for something you were 100% convinced of?

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