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Are you a porcupine?

September 18, 2007

“The German philosopher (and pessimist) Arthur Schopenhauer once compared human beings to porcupines trying to gain warmth from each other on a frigid night. “The colder it gets outside, the more we huddle together for warmth; but the closer we get to one another, the more we hurt each other with our sharp quills. And in the lonely night of Earth’s winter eventually we began to drift apart, wander out on our own and freeze to death in our loneliness.”

Isn’t that a picture of how the body of Christ can function at times?  Yeah, we will sometimes poke each other with our quills of selfishness, anger, or pride.  But with the healing power of Jesus, the church can learn how to forgive, stay close, and keep warm in the fellowship of Christ.” (Bring ‘Em Back Alive by Dave Burchett)

How are you and your community of the church functioning? Are you being porcupines who poke and injure others, or are you walking in the grace and mercy Christ gave us and taught us to share? What keeps you from loving, caring for, and accepting others? Let God change your heart and grow your love today.

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