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Giving Thanks

November 14, 2007

Thanksgiving cornicopia

 Our national holiday was started by grateful hearts that desired to celebrate and recognize their rich blessings. Is that what your expression is on Thanksgiving? For many our holiday has become a time to gather together with people we know and are connected to, and the activities revolve around football, eating great amounts of food, and in some cases investing in relationship building activities such as games, or specific customs. We close ourselves up in our homes only sharing with those few select people that are a part of the day’s activities.

How much of the day is about being thankful? How much time is spent investing in meaningful relationship with others?

What if we rethought our day of thanks and made being thankful the focus of the day? What could we fill the day with that truly expressed our thanks? What could we do for others to show our grateful hearts? How could we influence our family, friends, and community with a heart of thanks?

Will your day of thanks be a day only filled with football, food, and maybe a little fellowship, or will it be a day where a grateful heart chooses to celebrate and impact others by recognizing your blessings and acknowledging the blessing of those around you?

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