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When a disaster or emergency strikes

December 5, 2007

Snow….Rain…Hurricane force winds…Flooding…Power outages…Road closures

Centralia Washington

When a disaster strikes what does it mean? Washington State this week has been declared a state of disaster. With wide spread damage from snow followed by drenching rain and hurricane force rains there is wide spread damage. Listening to the news makes it sound like everyone is impacted and in desperate need. It has made me stop and take a look at what this disaster has meant for me.

  • A longer commute home
  • Extra rain as I walked to and from the car
  • Some questions if I would be able to get to my home Monday night and a resulting need to take alternative routes to get home
  • Lots of topics of conversation with others
  • The inability to visit my family’s vacation home because the road is washed out and the area has no power

Others in the area have flooded homes, stranded cars, flooded businesses, are trapped in their homes with no means of evacuation, have no power or fresh water, etc. Every day there are people around us that are in a state of emergency or who are having a disaster in their life. We walk by them, talk to them, do business with them, etc. and we don’t even know what they are dealing with. God not only knows their every need, but he also cares about them, every one of them.

What is the story of those you are around today? Do you know their story? Do you know if they are in a state of emergency or experiencing a disaster? How can you love your neighbor by learning their story?

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