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Leading to maturity

December 28, 2007

 Are you mature?
by Carine Lai

When I was in second grade my friend and I were trying to be responsible and look things up in a dictionary for ourselves. Unfortunately we were convinced we knew the word “sure” started with “sh” and we could not find it in the dictionary. We asked the teacher for help and he told us to look the word up for ourselves. Recently I was having a conversation with someone about doing something I didn’t know how to do. The response I again received was “just do it”. I was left thinking about how we as Christians often tell others to “just do it”. Just trust God. Just say a prayer. Just read the Bible. Just walk according to God’s word. How are we supposed to learn to do those things without help? What are we doing to help each other grow to maturity in our faith? Are we like the woman in the graphic above holding each other back, or are we forcing each other on even when they are wounded or need a helping hand?

In October the Leadership Journal had an article by titled So Many Christian Infants: Why are we so good at leading people to faith and so bad at prodding them to maturity? “Gordon MacDonald’s column for October is my own lament: Why are there so many spiritual babies? And why don’t the mature believers do something about it? We’re really good at bringing people into the kingdom, Gordon says, but lousy at prodding them to maturity. Our sage is not afraid to point fingers.”

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